Sell your phone for cash whether broken or functioning

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Looking to sell your phone?

sell used phones It’s fair to say that everyone has a phone, whether broken or not, they no longer use. At one point they were the best phones on the market, but as new and better smartphones came into the market somehow people forgot about their old phones.

Why it’s not entirely a bad idea to sell your phone

used cell phones If asked to sell your phone, few people realize they can actually get good money on their used cell phones by just selling them to the right people. So if you ever typed on google something like “where to sell my phone?” you have come to the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do with that extra phone lying around your house to earn some good cash off of it.

Companies are looking to buy used cell phones

There are a few good companies on the market interested in buying any type of phone, regardless of its state or functionality. Some companies are interested in buying used cell phones in order to disassemble the cellphones and send their parts back to the very same company that produced them in the first place. These parts will basically be recycled and integrated into new phones – a good reason to sell your phone: a win-win situation for your pocket and the environment as well.
You could sell used cell phones for cash and do something else with the money. Perhaps you had something nice in mind you wanted to buy or you are saving for your next holiday. Regardless of the case, you will no longer have to keep your used cell phones around and you will obtain a fair amount of money in return.

Your current phone is working, but you just want to buy something new?

Even if this is the case for you, you will be glad to know that you won’t have to deal yourself with private used cell phones buyers or come in contact with strangers. When you sell your phone for cash to a professional, you will deliver your phone safely and the money will be wired as soon as the phone arrives at its destination. These companies are reliable and they will offer you a very good price for your phone.
Some people think that they can get more money if they sell used cell phones on their own, the fact is that few people are interested in buying broken phones for parts and there are many who just look for ways of scamming you. Considering that there is a large environmental awareness, recycling your phone is a responsible decision.

A major reason why my be hesitant to sell your phone is that you may not expect anyone to buy it. If your phone is not functioning, it’s one thing to have a cell phone with a broken screen or charging port, but who could ever want to buy a phone that you cannot even turn on and use properly, such as an iPhone with a blocked iCloud account? Just because such devices are not suitable for daily personal use that does not mean they have lost their technical utility completely. Many service shops are willing to pay decent amounts of cash for your broken phones, because they can use some of the components that still work.

Who to sell your phone to?

sell your phone Gazelle: Who are they and why should you consider using their services?

Suffice to say that they’re a leading consumer electronics reCommerce website. With Gazelle, you have a super easy, swift and safe passage for you to get money for your used cell phones – whether functioning or not – and other electronics. You can also purchase certified pre-owned smartphones and other electronics. With the money you have earned from selling your phone(s), you can use it to buy a newer certified pre-owned smartphone on Gazelle.

In a nutshell, you’re getting rewarded for approaching consumption responsibly. It is smart and environmentally friendly. Rather than discard a device you no longer value or use, Gazelle provides original owners with an opportunity to exchange it for cash and then put that cash towards a certified pre-owned device.

Rather than discard a cell phone you probably no longer use or value, Gazelle provides cell phone owners with an opportunity to swap it for money and then maybe put that money towards a certified pre-owned device that’s in good condition.

For more than 8 years since its inception, Gazelle has paid out more than $200 million for used electronic gadgets and resold more than 2 million devices it had purchased from people like us, helping everyone upgrade to the latest smartphones in the market. This is indeed is a win-win exchange.

buy used phones Gazelle also purchases high-end, used cell phones and other gadgets, and makes them available for sale to those who otherwise couldn’t have afforded new ones. Hence the term ‘reCommerce‘. The company has a 9.5/10 Reseller Ratings review average and has been recognized by an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

Looking to sell your phone or buy used cell phones? Visit Gazelle Today today, and see how much you can get for your used cell phone or buy a certified pre-owned one!

Apple is also another good example. Officially they are not claimed to provide repairs. However, people can go to a service shop and they will use genuine parts from broken iPhones to fix theirs. What seems like junk to a regular person is gold to a professional phone repairs experts, so next time you open a drawer and see several old phones, don’t just keep them there, sell them online. Not only will you get some cash, but also clear out space and help the environment.